Wesoła Chatka- Krupowki 37a 34-500 Zakopane telephone 605 119 001

Wesoła Chatka- Krupowki 37a Zakopane 34-500 Telephone: 605 119 001

SPECIAL OFFER – 3 night stay for 70 zł per person/night !

„Wesoła Chatlka ” is located in the heart of Krupowki. Despite the proximity of the accommodation to the old town the building located in a courtyard which ensures peace and quiet during holidays in the Tatras as well as easy access to pubs, restaurants and shops. The building is heated geothermally.


2 beds per room



3 beds per room



4 beds per room



Apartment 1 (2-4 people)



Apartment 2 (3-5 people)




We offer comfortable wooden rooms that accommodate 2,3,4 guests, as well as Apartment 1 (accommodates 2-4 people, includes a kitchenette) and apartment 2 (Accomodates 3-5 guests and includes a kitchenette) Each room has:

a TV, wireless internet,

a highland queen size bed,

a bathroom (some with shower cabins, some with curtained showers)

a fridge,

a kettle.

A shared kitchen outside the rooms which includes

an induction cooker,

all necessary utensils,

a microwave.

There are three parking options

– outside of the house across Krupowki street  (limited space) – only for cars!

-on a paid parking lot about 30 meters from the house on Aleje 3 Maja street

Check-in begins at 15:00 and check-out is at 11:00 the next day. You can arrange over the phone to leave your luggage and car at the guest-house before check-in.

Wooden building, smoking is strictly prohibited.

Apartment 1 accommodates 2-3 people and includes a kitchenette and bathroom.

The available equipment includes:

an induction cooker

a microwave oven

a fridge

a cordless kettle

necessary cooking utensils

a TV, wireless internet

table, chairs, wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror

Apartment 2  accommodates 3-5 people, includes a kitchenette and bathroom

The apartment is equipped with:

Two wood-finished rooms

Its own entrance.

The apartment is located on the ground floor.

an induction cooker

a microwave

a TV

a fridge,

a corner sofa,

a cordless kettle

a table, chairs, wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror

necessary cooking utensils

Please call before each arrival- on the first day it is necessary to drive in with the owner (entrance is through pedestrian zone).

 Animals are not allowed! Video surveillance!

Prices from 70 zł

                                                                                         Dane Kontaktowe:

                                                                                            Wesoła Chatka Andrzej Haza

                                                                                                                              ul. Krupówki 37a 34-520 Zakopane

                                                                                                                     tel. +48 605 119 001 for persons speaking English

                                                                                                                                          email: haza12@wp.pl